someone who is s-xually attracted only to him or herself.
mr. x, an open narciss-xual, frequently m-st-rb-t-s to images of himself.
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a s-xual orientation where the individual finds himself or herself s-xually exciting. narciss-xuals are commonly autos-xual, however they may engage in interpersonal relationships in which their partners play only a supporting role to the narciss-xual’s infatuation with himself or herself. egocentrism and selfishness, especially in intimate settings, are major social indicators of narciss-xuality. derived from the greek myth of narcissus.
the character patrick bateman from “american psycho” is an interpersonal narciss-xual; he engages in s-xual intercourse with women because he enjoys watching himself in coitus.

michael “the situation” sorrentino is an auto-narciss-xual; he watches himself m-st-rb-t- in the mirror.
someone who loves his/herself to such an extreme that it is a s-xual orientation in and of itself.
she rambled on for hours about how great she is, i seriously think that she m-st-rb-t-s in front of a mirror; she’s so friggin’ narciss-xual!

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