p-ssy -ss negus
this negus nashili p-ssy

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  • cahoodled

    to surrept-tiously persuade one to give you something that they own and you desire. there are caviats: 1) the person must think it’s their idea & 2) they must must relinquish ownership of said possession willingly and joyfully. girl: where did you get that anklet? guy: i cahoodled my friend into giving it to me.

  • walker l*sso

    a playful hold to pin a s-xual partner underwater allowing penetration into the -n-s; always accompanied by a reach-around. jack was enjoying a pretty non-eventful day until kyle pleasantly surprised him with the walker l-sso.

  • hailey trusty

    the best person in the world, with a nice juicy booty i wish i was hailey trusty

  • gyrocosmos wiki wiki kaylee

    gort define gyrocosmos !wiki !wiki !kaylee man, gyrocosmos !wiki !wiki !kaylee sucks

  • dank of england

    a movement and a clothing by black the ripper the man who smoke weed in public places because he’s got weed like the banks got money. yo just got a new dank of england t shirt and sliders

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