a intelligent, gorgeous, hot, funny, creative, helpful, and strong girl.
i’m glad i’m a nashra.

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  • basic jersey b*tch

    someone who wears restore the sh-r- merchandise, goes to seaside to party, eats pork roll egg and cheese sandwiches, listens to bon jovi, 101.5, and 94.3 the point. wow name, your seriously wearing a restore the sh-r- t-shirt. it’s so 2012. you are such a basic jersey b-tch.

  • sally pinecone

    someone who shoves pinecones up their -ss “she gave herself a sally pinecone”

  • ship it like fedex

    when you ship two characters (typically from cartoons/anime) so hard that you have to mention the shipping service, fedex to add extra emphasis on the pair you are shipping. -person is watching something with a friend- person1:”whoa! that was good, especially the part with frank and tina!” person2:”yeah i totally ship it.” person1:”really?” person2:”yeah man […]

  • woogum

    a derogatory term to imply that you dislike something or someone that girl is such a woogum hey, that woogum just stole my car!

  • seattle rock band player

    anyone who plays in a rock band based in seattle. gavin was a kick-ss b-ss player; he’s a seattle rock band player & d-mn good at it!

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