smaller meaning for “nothing”
natn chillin hbu?

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  • ameilya

    a s-xy girl who is very insecure. she could get most guys but she is too scared to try. she depends on one friend to help her through a lot. a girl who has alot of problems herself but wants to help others with theirs, but treats others poorly at times due to her problems. […]

  • the pickle man

    a very s-xual pickle that will do anything to get in your pants to squirt some pickle juice inside of you. i love the pickle man!

  • unpluggi

    an occurrence that is very unfortunate asama dropped his ice cream, ‘unpluggi’ yelled kel

  • the rusty boneyard

    -n-s the rusty boneyard -“i wonder if she gives tours of the rusty boneyard.”

  • dankrowave

    a combination of the words “dank” and “microwave” used as a metaphor for a container holding all things considered “dank”. it is used to provide emphasis on improving an noun. “you know where that bowl belongs? in the dankrowave!”

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