natural trap

a male who dresses like a female and is feminine in appearance and can do it all without surgery, implants, hormone injections, or makeup. they are p-ssable and attractive like women and can do it with just women’s clothes alone.

usually this is attributed to males that have natural feminine bodies close to females. they usually are on a special diet and exercise. the exercise is based on burning fat but not building muscle. the only parts a natural trap may still want fat in is for their booty and thighs where they want it to be t h i c c or extra t h i c c sometimes. some natural traps may want to go for a thigh gap too. their diets usually are vegan to raw vegan and make sure they eat food that produce estrogen and not testosterone. this is preferred to those that want to have the female form but can’t go through any augmentations like srs, breast implants or hormones either due to medical financially reasons. other natural traps might do this for fun or for challenge to see if they can achieve the female body without artificial products. they naturally grow out their hair and nails. natural beauty products and other things like waxing though can be an exception long as it is to maintain healthy skin and hair. but makeup like blush or lipstick are not used.

natural trap is between femboy, cross-dressing, and trap. reverse natural traps, female to male, also exist as well and just do the opposite of mtf natural traps with diet, exercise, and body care.
(susan) “okay you proved us wrong, now stop it. yes, natural traps can be p-ssable females. i’ll admit i was impressed and jealous that you could pull it off so well and you had guys h-tting on you. but you are still trapping. i caught you making out with kyle, he doesn’t even know you have a d-ck.”
(taylor) “i’ve actually want to stay this. girls didn’t like me as a guy but now as a natural trap, i get hit on by guys and get taken out on dates. i love the attention and the way my body feels and looks. i want to stay this way. btw kyle does know and he said the d-ck makes it cuter”.

(matt) “so you were a chick this whole time? i just thought you were a bi guy”
(angel) “ya i just didn’t like being feminine. i love having ripped abs and a toned body. working out with the guys and getting -ss slapped in the locker room. and checking out the hot babes at the bar with you guys.”
(matt) “i’m kind of turned on by that. but now you make me question my s-xuality.”
(angel) “isn’t that the fun of it?” *wink*

(matt) “i guess it is lol. so what happened with susan, that babe you scored at the club and took home? does she know?”
(angel) “she has no idea what so ever. lol we hooked up with the lights off at her place and thanks to my flat chest and realistic strapless strap on d-ld- with my pants on, she didn’t even know. just that she said i’m the best s-x she has ever had and loves when i go down on her. i am actually taking her out again tomorrow.”

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