established in 1983, by david chu. another american cl-ssic reinterepreted by using the sea and technology as themes in their fashion line.
i wear “nautica” by david chu.
a very very very very very s-xy chick
did you see her? she was a total nautica.
brand of clothing that make sick shirts that lads and graffas wear.
tommo: ben that nautica shirt is sik
ben: i no braz
an american clothing company and store line with clothing that can be considered semi-prep. often liked by newer “preppy” families who don’t want to go full prep and shop at j-crew (these families may include a j-p). the stores are dominated by collared shirts, typically polos, and slacks, although jeans do have a wall.
a nautica outfit: light blue polo and slacks, accompanied by cross-train sneakers or old topsiders and a red sox cap.

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