the type of person who would f-ck your mom and blame it on you. i know 3 navarre all complete -sshole. i remember one of them f-cked my girl in my own bed. my god d-mn bed. who the f-ck does that.
“navarre f-cked your mom.”
a small town on the florida panhandle.people who hang out at the beach here pretend they can surf by day and then they get drunk at the beach at night.people who fish here act like the fishing is still good.the city is supposed to attract tourist who quickly realize that this isn’t the place they thought it the sand is white, who f–king cares.all of the resturants here suck.the youth here is extremely bored due to there being no fun activities. ex:no poolhall,skatingrink,bowlingalley,movietheater,skatepark,good place for bands to play,or any place to hang out for that matter without getting harrased by extremely bored police. anyways the youth here just ends up on drugs or drunk all the time and everyone here is in a world of drama, including adults. some of the people here are stuck up military tight-sses which makes matters worse. the high school is full of football f-gs,wannabe thugs,kids that think they surf,emo f-cks,and potheads. thehippies,metalheads, and other free thinkers are probably the best thing this place has ever had to offer. everyone else here is a complete douchebag, especially the adults who all live fake lives here, like all of the ones who go to the holley by the sea recreation center to show off the fake tennis skills and use the gym to stalk men and women. people who work here are either slaves to walmart,winn-dixie,or publix. otherwise they have to drive atleast an hour either direction to find a decent job.
douchebag: hey, lets move to navarre!!!!!!!

logical: hey, lets not!!!!!!!!

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