my naybor bought a new car.

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  • kicking it with keke

    the act of hanging out with a “friend” when you’ve talked badly about them frequently to other people. usually the friend “kicking it with keke” posts pictures, snapchats, and tweets talking about how they are so close but publicly complains about their friend, “keke”, wherever they cannot see. lily: hey do you want to hang […]

  • already been chewed gum

    the gum found under desks and railings the already been chewed gum touched my hand

  • t*rdshake

    when you have to remove feces from your p-n-s after -n-l s-x. dude, i had to t-rdshake my wiener after doing it doggystyle last night.

  • hood flies

    a person that is a total scank or douche, who swarms around a person who is attractive and intelligent… and may actually get them. example 1: woman: i went to a party and got trampled by a bunch of hood flies. example 2: dumb man: look at that girl over there. she looks like fun. […]

  • goopshoot

    an -sshole post -n-l creampie. i had a great time with the vegan last night, but now i can’t stop leaking out of my goopshoot

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