the act of talking crazy or being wild.
that n-gg- kuliel be n-z-ng off the xanax.

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  • struggle grilled cheese

    when you toast two pieces of bread and then slap a piece of cheese in the middle and chuck in the microwave. “d-mn, this struggle grilled cheese makes me really sad”

  • chester myself

    to commit suicide by hanging oneself in one’s room, while blasting “numb” by linkin park through a sh-tty iphone speaker. vb. “that concert sucked. i’m gonna go home and chester myself.” jane: what happened to bill, i haven’t seen him in days? joe: oh, i heard he chestered himself after cecelia broke up with him. […]

  • indian cuddle

    an indian cuddle is when you go for a long walk along the c-n-l holding hands, come back and make some sick chicken marinade, put on a movie and snuggle.. him: yo babygyal you wanna come over for an indian cuddle? her: i’m on my way!

  • second sent

    when something still feels epic, and it’s not over it feels second sent. that date from last night still has me feeling second sent .

  • specc

    someone who is special to you or the person who is meant to be for you to live with do you wanna be my specc? yh sure

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