north carolina hardcore
the first step

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  • sour sleeve

    like milk that spoils it smells bad just like a sour sleeve which is a stinky v-g-n- man your sisters v-g-n- smells like a sour sleeve

  • space-break

    ending a relationship by deleting the person as a friend from your mysp-ce page. dude, what did you do to that chick for her to sp-ce-break you like that? no phone call, no text, no e-mail, no nothing. dude, that’s messed up. sp-cebreak is when you realize your life doesn’t revolve around mysp-ce and you […]

  • distruth

    false truth or misconception. mistruth also covers lies and intententional misdirection. this distruth cannot be allowed to blind the public any longer.

  • Thanks so much

    a popular form of saying “thank you very much” “thanks so much for helping me” “thanks so much for visiting”

  • That dude with the guitar at a party

    the douchey guy that always brings his guitar and tries to act cool at parties or other gatherings. the conversation always comes back around to the type of music that he and his band are doing now or why his taste in music is so much cooler than yours. when the focus turns to someone […]

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