an awesome producer
you are a ndongmo.

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  • political baby

    a person who votes for the losing candidate and continues to mock the winner after the people or electoral college have spoken. alec baldwin and rosie o’donnel are the biggest political babies from the 2016 presidential election. a true political baby is so blinded by their ego they can’t see the truth.

  • mcinness effect

    an idea that when your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger. named for writer gavin mcinness who brought idea to mainstream. someone posted a video taken out of context of donald trump making fun of a disabled reporter . i then posted my own video of the entire conversation that […]

  • tinsel slapper

    a ‘tinsel slapper’ is someone who becomes very sl-tty during the festive season. i heard that girl got with three guys last night, what a tinsel slapper!

  • dirty sanchized

    while having s-x doggie style the man inserts his finger or thumb into the girls -n-s. after he removes the finger(s) from the stink hole he gets an itchy nose and accidentally scratches his nose with the stink finger in which he basically gives himself a dirty sanchez. while mike was f-cking his girlfriend doggy […]

  • kendah

    a perfect person who is loyal, funny,beautiful,and unique in a good way.she’s probably the girl everyone wishes they had but she devotes her love to someone who isn’t that popular or attractive. d-mn i wish kendah was mine but she goes out with that ugly kid.

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