my fantasy, my dream girl, beautiful, amazing, extremely attractive, balla, best u will ever find, keeper, deserves to be with a jimmy, destined to be with jimmy
necole and jimmy will live happily ever after togeter.

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  • swag stallion

    a s-xy beast who will eat yo’ m-th-r f-cking girls t-ts right off watch out fo dat swag stallion he f-ck all y’all b-tches “dude that guy is so swag stallion “

  • cup of cider

    when someone takes a p-ss in your -ss. after i cam, she asked for a cup of cider.

  • sh*gdangadingdong

    a exclamation of both extreme surprise and joy in equal measure. spoken mainly on the isle of achill off the west coast of ireland, this word began being used in 1997 ish. sh-gdangadingdong thats a big fish!

  • shower jellies

    when you jack off in the shower and your nut turns to a little sticky jelly type substance. what took so long in the shower babe? f-cking trying to rinse off all them shower jellies.

  • the dirty baker

    the dirty baker also know as tdb is a s-x kink where one takes a little bit of doe and smears it on his significant others b-tt or the inside of the -n-s to a point of where it becomes a warm goo. dude i heard suzanne and harold did the dirty baker last night.

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