an intelligent, kind, loving, beautiful, and amazing girl. she is the most talented and intellectual girl i have ever met. when you meet her, never leave her because she is one of a kind person that light up your world.
me: omg neeshay is the best
everyone else: yep she is

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  • gotta liam

    v. meaning to leave despite promising not to originated from when liam payne decided to leave one direction two days before their 6th anniversary, despite promising not to. the reason why we have trust issues. person 1: but you promised to stay. person 2: i’m sorry but i really gotta liam.

  • get hit then split

    the female version of hit it and quit it. kelli: i thought you wanted to date that guy?! cara: naw, i just wanted to get hit then split.

  • actureally

    when you don’t know if you should say actually or really. could be because you used both words too much recently, whatever reason it is. i actually don’t really have anything to do with his act, sir. i actureally don’t.

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