there aren’t any definitions for negruto yet.

can you define it?

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  • iharni

    where yu going my tictac iharni is such a tic tac omg where yu going

  • you can find anything on here cant you

    you must be fricking bored to type this in. go outside and “accidentaly” push down an old lady neighbor. take a camera, and when she gets mad, say its social experiment. it’s not. what am i doing with my life that i defined you can find anything on here, cant you?!?!?!?!?

  • littybop

    to be so lit that it’s extra lit. having to add the -tybop for emphasis on how lit it/you are that party was so littybop lit turnt marlee omalley

  • a poor mans mexican

    a half blooded mexican, considered not to be hispanic because of manerisms and family traits ” oh juan ain’t really hispanic, he’s a poor mans mexican”

  • sh*te sticks to sh*te

    somone who has done something bad in the past and then has had something bad happen to them in the future in other words sh-te comes to sh-te meaning bad luck comes to people who do bad things did you hear about jamie getting robbed aye i did but sh-te sticks to sh-te

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