a person with big black c-ck, a person who sucks his own d-ck
“this man is such a neharik, he sucks his own p-n-s every day.”

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  • lody

    lit as sh-t, pullin up to a project x party type lit ,dank weed ,incredibly dope. that party was lody as f-ck

  • dazzman

    a n-gg- that well always be there if sh-t goes wrong. an back yo black -ss up an a fight.🔫😈💉 dazzman someone who got yo f-cking back

  • ayb*m

    urban way to pr-nounce “alb-m”. yoyoyo listen to mah ayb-m

  • trolley c*nt

    a sl-t who constantly gets her well used p-ssy constantly filled with random c-ck. gets filled up and then just as its empty it gets filled up again. she’s a trolley c-nt, gets filled up by one guy , then its not empty for long before its filled up by another one.

  • chasittie

    a loving women whom don’t take no sh-t from men or women dame that chick chasittie don’t take no sh-t

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