the arabic word for f-ck (noun). however, it is not often used as the word f-ck in english is used e.g. when shouting “f-ck” if you are angry.

neich is pr-nounced with ‘ch’ in iraq and the other gulf countries; however, in egypt, jordan, syria and south africa, it is pr-nounced with ‘k’ i.e. neik

the verb is “aneech” which means (i f-ck):
aneechaq/ aneechak –> i f-ck you (used for men) which means i will kick your -ss (it doesn’t mean literally that i will have s-x with you)
aneechich, aneechik–> i f-ck you (used for women) and it means (i will have s-x with you)

notice that when you say it to a man you say :”aneechak” ends with “-ak”; while when you say it for a woman, you say “aneechik or aneechich” with “-ik” or “-ich” where in iraq and some of the gulf countries they use “ich” and in other countries, they use”-ik”
hatha neich (english meaning: this is neich)
ali!! wallah aneechak (english meaning: ali!! i swear to g-d, i will f-ck you)

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