a place where all newborns get a half a mill as, sons get a caddy deville as soon as they can reach tha wheel, and daughters get diamonds the size of their age
pretend you driving through a real expensive suburb or somethin’.

your friend- dang, look at that crib, yo!

you- yo, i seen that one son, this nellyville right herre! fo’ sho!!

your friend- no doubt!!
the tightest city in the wholewide world and if you people have a problem with that then f— you.
1. oya’s hometown.
2. st. loius
i’m from nellyville.
when are you going to nellyville?
those nellyvillians are all idiots.
this is nelly’s form of utopia or the perfect world. basically everybody in nellyville is rich no one has to hustle or struggle to make it because basically everybody has allready made it.
quote nelly: song : nellyville alb-m: nellyville track no. 1

40 acres and a pool,
6 bed rooms
4 bath wit a jacuz
6 car garage pavement smooth
full front and back deck
nuf’ room to land a jet
and u aint reached the city thats just he projects.
g union crazy -ss
f-gs you momma

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