petty, pretty, and perfect all in one
she is so nelumi

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  • shirt gap

    the rancid gap between a mans gut and his waist when you try to have a conversation with a dude but you keep getting distracted by his rancid shirt gap.

  • condom broth

    the residual liquid from boiling a used condom or creating a thin soup from used condoms ben l. enjoys a warm cup of condom broth when he has a cold

  • famther

    it just means father lmao back at it again with famther

  • demoore

    someone who is untouchable, cl-ssy , fine asf & disrespectful (when need to be) understanding, funny seen this girl at a party and she was demoore .

  • plumas lake

    surprise! no lake. but it’s an island unto itself. i feel more isolated and alone than plumas lake.

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