Nerd Herd

a large group of nerds of either one or multiple kinds, who are mutually friends. like any gang, except that all members know calculus, have an opinion on the economy, philosophy, and will try to convert you to their os/browser/console. and are less likely to be able to take you in a fight.
sometimes acting as a guild with a monopoly on intellect, and other times as an average bunch of friends.
holy sh-t, how long has the nerd herd had girls?
the most amazing group of people that love to have fun, definitely one of the most popular groups in school that have powers to change the world!!
the disco biscuits are a nerd herd.
a herd, group or congregation of nerds.

may be spotted in a nerd bird or library.
jock 1: “oh my g-d, nerd herd heading this way!’

jock 2: “shh, don’t startle them i need help with my math homework.”
a group of individuals that have nothing better to do rather then staying in cl-ssrooms at lunch time.
dang, y’all a walkin “nerd herd.”
the nerd herd is a group of fans who worship supermegafoxyawesomehot cameron mitch-ll, a s-x god incredibly attractive, awkward and charming. they also worship cameron’s bromance with his irish fellow damian mcginty.

the nerd herd can be easily found in a social network called tumblr, a place whose definition is f-cking awesome.

never underestimate the nerd herd.

-have you seen the recent posts on cameron mitch-ll on tumblr?
-i know, the nerd herd fans are unstoppable and amazing.

-nerd herd, be there or be square!
nerd herd, a group of nerds following a single nerd leader, a group that often makes star wars funnis or such films
wow check out that nerd herd

dey have a geek with them, dey is no real nerd herd
a group of individuals who succ-mb to a world view which is greater than one’s self, therefore embracing a hive mind mentality in hope of achieving nerdvana.
hey man, join the nerdherd, you’ll find nerdvana

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