ne-ro-na /nəˈrəʊnə/ noun
1) in neuropsychology, ‘nerona’ is a rare condition resulting in hyper-intelligence and frequent episodes of “humour”, often accompanied by adorable laughter. sufferers are also burdened by popularity and admiration. there is no known cure for this affliction.

2) the undoc-mented eighth wonder of the world. it is rumoured that being in the nerona’s presence induces a trance-like state of ecstasy.
3) nerona is a fire-type pokemon who cannot be tamed. she has only appeared in pokemon black&white.

primary attacks include: “savage burns” and paralysis-inducing cuteness
weakness: bird-types

nerona is easily identifiable by her signature call, “y-ssssss!”.

not to be confused with ‘narona’ or ‘verona’

see also: ‘life of the party’ , ‘gorgeous’
doctor: “unfortunately, you have a severe case of nerona”

“nerona, i choose you!!”

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