a nerpunt is a combination of a nerd a twirp and a c-nt
coby is a nerpunt

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  • dumbic*nt

    a dumb liberal who has no idea what is happening in the u.s. sheryl, the dumbic-nt, attended a feminism rally, following the election of donald trump.

  • gl*ss cosby

    the painful act of trying to snap a red hot 1000° glowing rod in half with your bare hands. my friend tried a gl-ss cosby. i thought he would catch on fire but only his hands were burnt.

  • sukrich

    the action of getting your d-ck sucked while stuffing dollar bills and coins up the girl’s -sshole bro, where’d all your change go? you’re not going to believe it but i got sukriched.

  • joniel

    a black peruvian that has a little black d-ck can be sweet and kind but would play with your feelings 🙂 wow it’s dark !! oh wait it’s joniel!!?

  • gamayah

    ga’mayah is a very strong leader. she is a very church going youg women. she has a good att-tude towards people. n-body can’t hurt her feelings point blank. you’d never go wrong talking to a darkskin. she acts really bipolar. she annoyong and can erk all the time but, you still can’t get enough of […]

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