Netflix and Chill without the chill

who says two bros can’t get together and watch a little grey’s anatomy without the preconception of s-x? netflix and chill without the chill is the simple yet cl-ssic act of two people getting together to watch netflix and relax.

netflix and chill without the chill // “without the chill. but still cool”
bro 1: “hey man! want to come over for a little netflix and chill without the chill?”
bro 2: “aww no dude i’ll p-ss on this one. i think your great and all that jazz but i’m a straight man.”
bro 1: “oh no dude this is a chill free netflix experience. without the chill. but still cool”
bro 2: “oh well in that case, lets get cracking! i heard the new season of the bachelor is up there!”

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