netiquette refers to the forms, manners and actions established by the internet community as acceptable or required behavior in social interactions via e-mail. in other words, being polite to your fellow list subscribers. it is absolutely imperative that you familiarize yourself with the rules of netiquette before you launch headlong into partic-p-tion in any sort of e-mail discussion list.

the established conventions of online politeness are called netiquette. some conventions vary from site to site or online medium to online medium; others are pretty standard everywhere. newbies are often unfamiliar with the conventional rules of netiquette and sometimes embarr-ss themselves accordingly. be sure not to send that incredibly important e-mail message before reading about netiquette.
those morons who flood the aim chat rooms with p-rn ads need so learn some netiquette.
etiquette on the internet, polite on-line behavior(from a blend of net and etiquette)
very few people seem to know anything about using good netiquette.
n. what is considered proper manners regarding any and all content found on the internet
bob: dude, my uncle keeps asking questions about you because you wrote on my facebook wall

ted: wow, he needs to learn proper netiquette
term describing proper “manners” on the internet.
that dude who was flodding the chat room needs to learn some netiquette.
when someone ignores an e-vite
on a simpson’s episode when homer doesn’t respond to snakes e-vite about a prison break, snake sarcastically responds “nice netiquette”

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