using s-xuality to advance in business or financially.
“did you hear mich-lle got promoted?” “yeah after netwerking in that short skirt at the christmas party. i guess the boss just wanted to be closer to her.”

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  • new england boiled dinner

    after a nice long, hot, steamy, naked soak in the hot tub with your lover, you stand up gingerly stuff your loose and dangling b-lls and man sack into your partner’s eager mouth. carl’s hot tub party turned wild once the three couple hot tub soak turned into a new england boiled dinner.

  • nfl and chill

    unlike netflix and chill, you actually watch nfl football and eat food with nothing s-xual happening beside the occasional kiss/ making out. aye fam wanna come nfl and chill?!

  • nutbake

    noun. when your t-st-cl-(s) get burned by the sun or some other heat source. “ooooo that boy spends too much time in the tanning bed, he probably has nutbake.” or: ” yo bra, wanna hang by the pool?” “naw man, yesterday’s sun has got me nutbaked.”

  • on the watch

    being watched by the police “he’s on the watch so don’t call him for any drugs”

  • panda b*n*r

    to have a sudden urge for chinese food “dude i have a major panda b-n-r”

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