in computing:
a series of computers connected together, in order to exchange data or information.

a bigger and public network is the internet
“i’m setting up a network for my company.”
“i wonder wherever cellphones wont disturb my wireless network.”
to meet important contacts and oppourtunit-tes by being socially out at bars, clubs, and big events.
“i was out all night, networking the party”
a term used when a pro wrestler uses the internet to trick his fans into thinking what he/she said online is real.
did hear what matt hardy said on the internet? i bet it’s another net-work.
updated version of “old boys club” that doesn’t require being old or male; the primary purpose is to place acquaintanceship and social skills before merit, education and knowledge in career advancement.
he got the job by networking at the ginger man.
cool way of saying “the social network”, a facebook movie by david fincher.
#1 hey, let’s check out network t’night.
#2 i heard it sucks. bad.
#1 stop hangout with morons. it’s a good movie.
a woman that is facially ugly, but otherwise doable. root: university of minnesota’s student newspaper, the minnesota daily; specifically, the backpage section, “network.”
wow, she’s network. if only she wore a mask, it would all be good.

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