neurotypical syndrome

neurotypical syndrome (a.k.a. nt,also known as arrogant mob syndrome, or microsoft windows syndrome) is a life-long and serious mental disorder affecting people everywhere. symptoms include inflated ego, mob formation, readiness to follow idiots, and possibly the formation of a large goiter. persons afflicted with this disorder should be referred to as persons with neurotypical syndrome, persons with nt or persons who have nt. though it seems that most persons with nt would prefer to be referred to as neurotypicals, nts or even normals, n-body cares about their opinions.
although neurotypical syndrome is a serious, lifelong mental condition, persons with nt can live happy, long, successful lives with the help of therapy, provided that the therapist is an aspie or autistic. through many sessions, they may overcome some of their many debilitating handicaps and become more akin to an autistic. in a few cases, nts have been rumored to have reached near the level of an aspie, but said claims have not been confirmed………..this explains why autistic people have more intelligence than neurotypicals. neurotypicals are dumber and stupid. so glad.

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