Never Trump

never trump means that you will never vote or support trump. it is commonly chanted at pro socialist rallies, or used in hashtags on instagram or twitter accounts. you don’t need to say or comment the phrase let people know you are never trump, as someone can figure it out through what you say.

the term never trump can be used in many ways. the first way is when you or someone else triggers a bernie supporter. the bernie support will quickly rush to slander trump, and will accuse of him of being like hitler, or some other socialist leader that m-ss murdered people. then they end the argument promoting their socialist leader. then usually the bernie supporter will punch you and throw you to the ground and beat you, which will result in you having to go to the hospital to get st-tches for your or someone else’s open wounds. secondly, hillary supporters will show they are never trump by saying how experienced hillary is, quickly ignoring or denying any of clintons many scandals, the most popular one is benghazi. lastly, a p-ssed off neocon will quickly jump to defend any of his or a candidates war mongering policies. usually by saying that trump has it all wrong in syria, and will claim that all troops should be sent to the middle east.
edgy socialist: bro! trump is h-tler! he’s gonna kill the blacks, and even worse, support the law on immigration!

clinton nut: what do you mean she’s a crook? she hasn’t done anything! yea yea yea benghazi and those other cases we get it!

neocon: what do you mean we shouldn’t send troops to syria to overthrow h-ssad? why wouldn’t we want to send our troops to another middle eastern country to fight a war?

smart kid: let me guess. you guys are never trump?

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