a complete and utter c-nt…
matthew is such a nevod…

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  • unsk*nkify

    when you b-tch slap the sk-nk out of an exsisting sk-nk and or a b-tch tyrone was being a b-tch, so i had to unsk-nkify that sk-nk

  • guitar child

    a guitar child is somebody who is r-t-rded or acoustic in short it’s a more polite way of saying autistic thomas is such a guitar child

  • vaping a dutch oven

    when a partner farts into the intake tube of a cpap machine of someone sleeping and using it. in a fit of smoldering anger, i waited until she was asleep and removed her cpap tube and stuck it up my -sshole so she could experience my burrito dinner”s methane emissions. worse than the original, she […]

  • harder faster

    when u f-ck some one and you wanna get some d-ck harder n faster s-x like harder faster baby

  • woda

    sh-tty; of little or no value that’s mark, i can pick out that woda car anywhere. jenny, you’re such a woda b-tch. a black or white wanna-be rapper ” yo that woda cant rap for his life” sh-tty wine with fruity soda y’know, this wine doesn’t taste as bad when it’s woda

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