nevranuff drugs, sleaze, s-x,manipulation, hatred, control, alcohol, addictions etc

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  • handle your dirt

    v. the act of safeguarding one’s interests, personally, rather than relying upon other parties for support. don’t hide behind your bodyguard! if you can’t handle your dirt then don’t talk like you real.

  • bimstick

    (bimstick)a complete and utter pr-ck of the highest order a bit like andy garrad oh kat ur a real bimstick

  • gretas

    congratulating someone for taking a shower joffery: i just got out of the shower. i feel so refreshed! alice: gretas, my friend! #shower #congratulating #friend #fresh

  • kext

    texting someone hours later even though you’ve already seen their text -wow, i texted him 2 hours ago and he barely responded. -he probably kexted you, because i saw him using his phone a while ago

  • fetish p*rn

    p-rn for people with specific fetishes. some of it can be somewhat normal ( foot fetishes ) to downright gross/ horrifying ( 2 girls 1 cup ). my mom caught me watching fetish p-rn…f-ck my life.

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