new hampshire avenue

is known as one of the longest streets in dc, md. originally starting around the kennedy center nw & temporarily breaking off at 16th & u st. uptown. it then restarts at park rd nw. new hampshire, as it is referred to as, is one of the streets in the dmv heavily known for its hood and gang violence as it includes gangs such as: folk nation & ms13. and hoods such as: kdy, shepherd park, blair road, hampshire towers, rittenhouse, peabody st, belford towers, tp, 1000/1100 bricksquad aka good hope, lockwood dr. aka white oak, & briggs chaney. it ends going northeast in brookeville, md where it meets georgia ave for the second time, this time on the “terp side” (md).
1.wya cuz?

i’m uptown around 650, by petworth station
2. wya ?
im out new hampshire ave by the lp transit station

f–k you doing out spanishville ?
new hampshire avenue: one of the longest streets in the d.c. metro area

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