new hole

a b-tt hole usually a virgin
i f-cked a new hole last night

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  • prep*b*lle

    the most gorgeous girl in the school who has yet to start transitioning to p-b-rty. all the older boys are l-sting over, planning their move and counting the days. all the older boys are l-sting over jane, the prep-b-lle of the block. some are vigorously planning their best possible future move and just counting the […]

  • sloppy doris

    when a man is enjoying oral pleasures from another man/woman, releases seaman into their mouth and proceeds to slap both cheeks at the same time, showering himself in his own seaman “gave my girl a sloppy doris last night, it was so sloppy”

  • alberta fur trapper

    when a man has s-x with a woman who has a hairy v-g-n-. he puts a wax pad on the infected area. and slowly tears it off during intercouse. megan fox gave justin bieber herpes doing the alberta fur trapper.

  • steven gao

    a very old and shriveled p-n-s. usually occurring when salt comes in contact with the d-ck. the damages are permanent. i reached down my boyfriends pants only to discover that he has a steven gao!

  • low cut

    adj. 1. chill. similar to low key except chiller. 2. rude; a low blow 3. sketchy, suspect. 1. sam is so low cut, she doesn’t worry about anything. 2. “that was a really low cut thing to say…” 3. that part of town is low cut…you shouldn’t there alone.

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