New Shade

cool/hip before you know it’s cool/hip
hey dude – wtf are you wearing? is that new shade

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  • half eaten arby's cheddar cheeseburger

    a gay mans description of a v-g-n-. gail: wait, so you’ve never seen a v-g-n- before? eric: oh h-ll no. why would i want to look at some half eaten arby’s cheddar cheeseburger? gail: huh… btw did you see that video of enzo doing the bung the booce challenge? eric: yeah it was hot af…

  • bepp

    b/ bring e/ extra p/ pepperoni p/ pizza tell the dominos man bepp

  • pelvic horn

    a trans woman’s p-n-s. she only let her romantic partners near her pelvic horn.

  • candy fodder

    pokemon caught in pokémon go for the soul purpose of gathering candies. if this pikachu doesn’t have a cp of at least 450 its going to become candy fodder for my 443 pikachu.

  • git salad

    when you trap a bunch of gits into an empty pool, then throw lettuce, cuc-mbers, and other salad necessities on to the patrons. i would make a git salad out of that kid, tomatoes and all.

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