new slang

the dopest sh-t.
“bruh, this is that f-cking new slang”.

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  • shuffling cards

    when the person whomstdve is slobbing on thy kn-b jerks thy shaft whilst fiddling yonder coin purse “man he really shuffled my cards.” “sandra’s so poor she’s shuffling cards for the mafia.”

  • mcdonaldfication

    devaluation of important societal issues by trivializing them into nonsensical media formats. ethan: the thing about buzzefeed’s approach to feminism is like…they’er like the mcdonald’s of there is nothing genuine left don’t need to show your bl–dy rags to your boyfriend to be empowered…you dont!, its okay to be grossed out by that, […]

  • cheek peekers

    a pair of shorts that don’t quite cover the whole -ss on a girl cindy was wearing cheek peekers so short i could almost see her uterus

  • amarni

    a man of his word who will never abandon his friends. the boy was quoting a rare amarni

  • chodeman

    a p-n-sman who has no confidence, no friends, and a tiny p-n-s. this person is more than likely disliked by everyone he or she knows. typically this is used to describe only males but is very versatile. this word is harsher than p-n-sman, p-n-swoman, and v-g-n-man combined you suck chodeman! eat it chodeman! …chodeman! oh […]

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