new york slimes

an insult referring to the new york times and its journalists, frequently employed by right-wingers who perceive the newspaper as liberally bent and who reject its position as newspaper of record.
“liberals always resort to insults over constructive criticism, thats why i never read anything from those whiny limp-wristed pinko commies at the new york slimes.”
aka. new york times. it is a major liberal rag that circulates primarily in the north east. it is a sleazy news organization that puts out fake news and political propaganda. no self respecting american conservative, moderate or liberal that has taken the red pill with an iq over 110 would ever read their junk journalism for real news and information. the name is derived from the fact that slime b-lls write the fake news articles for the shear purpose of keeping liberals, uh hum i mean libtards confused and angry.
the new york slimes is at it again. they trash trump every chance they get. what a bunch of fake news slime b-lls.

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