new york times

a new york newspaper, very common throughout north america.
a liberal biased newspaper. all stories consist of bush being evil, white people are all racist, and obama is the greatest man to ever live.
after reading the new york times you may want to become a whiny liberal who complains about everything that isn’t “fair”.
a newspaper claiming to print “all the news fit to print” when in fact it is a left wing propoganda machine. solution to all problems is bigger government and higher taxes.
every edition of the new york times. just read and consider what was the underlying motive of the stories.
a well known newspaper with info about things happening all over the world.
the new york times called today and asked if i wanted a subscription to their paper.
where you will have to place your personal anvil$ stories and anecdotes if you expect marylou to read them moving forward.
“i sent marylou this great e-mail about townsend running forward in the batter’s box and actually hitting sam with his swing because of the way he charges the plate when he pitches, but unfortunately, she never read it. i should have placed a column in the new york times.”
fodder to neocon warmongers.
the new york times glamorises the war agenda of the neo-conservatives in the administration.

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