ngoan know the way

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  • roblox jailbreak kids

    kids who will camp just for free cash, call you “noob” when you arrest them, scammers who arrest you when you give them money, and f-cksticks who have their chat off cops: *arrests kid:omg u are such noobn kid:m0n3y 4 c4rd me:oh boi :d *gives money* kid:*arrests me: *blows up wall* kid *hides then arrest* […]

  • scottish perfume

    slang for vomit -what’s the smell? -it’s scottish perfume. peter overdid with the booze yesterday.

  • stingraid

    a stingray with aids pool’s closed due to stingraids

  • fwox

    a mercy main in overwatch. that’s always in love with a new guy everyday! oh look, there fwox goes again.

  • naaraxella

    an intellectual and beautiful alien species found on the planet galilei. they have a human-like form, white hair, galaxy-patterned skin, and glowing white star spots. the ‘whites’ of their eyes are black, and they have retractable wings and horns. these creatures were created for the unfinished, fictional book named, “beyond the sky” by kayla renneker […]

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