national honors society

smart people across the nation are recognized for their brains and then are told to tutor those who need help.
were you inducted into the nhs?
– no, i wasn’t accepted.
as its name (national health service) would suggest, it is a nationalised healthcare system in place in the united kingdom. despite being the target for regular criticism, it nonetheless still does its basic job of providing medical care to anybody regardless of their financial and social background.
the nhs may be a bit rubbish, but at least it’s always going to be there in an emergency.
acronym for “never had s-x”
“dude, are you part of the nhs club?”
“nah man! i put in my two weeks notice three weeks ago.”
“f-ck man.”
the national health service

a system operating in the uk whereby ta payers contribute towards the health care of all, including foreigners and everyone who happens to be in the uk at the time of them needing treatment.
if you had voted for churchill in 1945, and not that labour d-ck clement atlee, we wouldn’t have this expensive service; which is a boon only to those who abuse it.
the national hockey stadium in milton keynes, frequented by a handful of “frenzied frannies” whenever franchise fc play a home game. they are mostly outnumbered by the away fans.
the nhs is the worst league ground in history
i was nominated for it but i didn’t want to do community service so i didn’t do it.
nhs is for nerds like me and your mom.

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