cloyingly politically correct. over-the-top complimentary. goody two-shoes.
the office suck-up is at it again, bringing all that nicey-nicey blah, blah, blah to the boss!

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  • pipeline bling

    “pipeline bling” when a mans d-ck is clearly showing through his pants/joggers clearly defying the shape. you can’t help but look & stare. “check out that guys pipeline bling, he’s packing!”

  • meta-flirting

    flirting with someone while explaining to them how you are making your moves, in a way that results in an self-ironic sense of humor and charm, and talks about the elephant in the room to avoid awkwardness. dude, jim just told that girl how he was going to use his moves on her, he is […]

  • fusimud card

    the card left behind when the postmen cannot deliver your package. f-ck you sorry i missed u d-ckhead oh great australia post left me the fusimud card

  • bhenchode

    a word that nicholas like to say 100x a day .. nick : bhenchode friend : what nick: bhenchode

  • snitchin' it

    when the teacher ask which person did something and that one f-ggot f-ck tells them. “it wasn’t me miss, ethan done it!” – says mitch-ll as he’s snitchin’ it “sir, ethan and william are outside the cl-ssroom” – theodore papaf-ckengreekc-nttropolous (in his f-ckinggreekc-nt accent)

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