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can you define it?

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  • minority senses

    a sixth sense white people dont seem to have “oooh a dark room with sketchy noises… let’s go in!” said chad “my minority senses are tingling; gotta go” said juan while running away

  • n*gg* wish

    a “n-gg- wish” is a new company that was just developed. we combined our team with chick-fil-a and ihop. so basically, every meal bought from chick-fil-a, 10 cents is donated to a n-gg- and 10 cents is income for us. and every pancake sold at ihop, one pancake is sold to a n-gg- for 5 […]

  • unooft

    when someone redeems themselves from an “ooft” p1: *does something not impressive* p2(dok): unooft

  • lawn pig

    a baby border collie mix whose fluffiness and round body make them look like a small fat pig when they root around on the gr-ss. hey your lawn pig is getting too close to the road.

  • natalie juarez

    natalie juarez is a strong girl and a bad-ss shes a savage and she falls for boys quick.she has a crazy personality she likes being funny, weird, talking she doesn’t like doing homework she gets lunch detention all the time but she is sweet at most time she loves hot chips it’s like a drug […]

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