a commonly misspelled word of “nickel.” it’s a coin worth 5 cents in the united states.
person 1 (texting): gimme a nickle
person 2 (texting): do you mean “nickel”?
person 1 (texting): yea whatever u know i cant spell
a gram of weed
im pickin up a nick tonight for $5
a drinking/campfire game in which the partic-p-nt throws a 5 cent coin over the fence in order to hit a neighbouring house, shed, car, or any other object. the winner is judged by the length of time the nickel takes to hit something, as well as the loudness of the sound the coin makes. the game is best played after sundown, and bonus points are awarded when the owner of the house being hit turns on the lights to see what the noise was all about.

this game can also be played with other denominations such as quarters, but nickles are usually picked for both their relatively large size as well as their low value, providing the best bang for the buck.

“hey, what do you chumps want to do tonight?”

“let’s get really drunk and play nickles”.

a five year stretch in a prison facility.
i did a nickle in chino.
dat sh-t that costs 5 bills and nuttin more or your gettin yo -ss ripped off
small bag (nickle) of marijuana
1. a five dollar poker chip.

2. five thousand dollars.

3. five years in the state pen.
1. i was holding pocket aces so i reraised his sh-tty little ten bet by shoving in twelve nickles.

2. i lost the bet and had to pay out a nickle to that f-cking -sshole.

3. john’s not hear he’s doing a nickle in sing sing.
noun: your homeboy or friend of understanding.
person 1. whats up nickle?
person 2. chillin, chillin. you?
slang for 5 thosand
i will bet you one nickle that that bad -ss horse will win.

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