it’s over with
it’s a nidit for those shoes you got on.

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  • gretchen bitchass

    a person that is annoying} and that is a b-tch and likes to get {attention} and has no eyebrows and has {man hands} oh my lord gretchen is such a total gretchen b-tch-ss

  • imanii

    she makes chicken on a daliy and doesn’t play with anybody . she also will take anybody mom or dad so don’t play. plus she a pimp boy better watch for imanii

  • katryona

    strong and beautiful. very stylish, intelligent, strong willed and selfless. life of the party and can soak up alcohol like a sponge. did you see katryonas new hair? only she can pull that off.

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    a crazy but entertaining girl that easily falls in love with that one guy she’s also the best person to have as a best friend because of her laughter joy and smiles she sometimes play too much but it’s all just love. adajah you so funny ,i hate you but you is best friend

  • colina

    someone that thinks there funny when they are not. they can mult-task. smart and kinda mean person 1 colina that was not a funny joke person 2 yes it was a spanish noun meaning “hill”. do you want some proof? try to buy a spanish book in a store. it is also the most used […]

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