nifty in spanish. used to show that something is awesome and cool.
that girl was nifty

something something something niftiando

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  • nifticious

    to be nifty. that shirt is very nifticious, biotch. attacking my spelling because thats the only thing you have on me, other than he spelling, everything else you said proves my point if you care about spelling on the internet that is reason enough to kill yourself the over use of the word “gay” on […]

  • brokebackup

    a posse made up of h-m-s-xual males. also known as having a ‘queer eye for the straight guy’. my girlfriend went on the wine tour with a bunch of drunk ‘n drooling first years so i sent my brokebackup to keep an eye out for her.

  • Brokemantic

    a person who tries to be romantic, but lacks funds to completely do so. girl: “my boyfriend took me out last night and all we did was walk around the park!” friend: “you need to get rid of him, he’s nothing but a brokemantic!”

  • fantasmagoric

    a combination of “fantastic”, “-rg-smic”, and “magic” man, kristy’s eggs are fantasmagoric!

  • duct tape moment

    when someone is such an idiot that you really need duct tape to keep your head from exploding while you listen to them. i was having a serious duct tape moment while that whiny guy with no kids was telling me how to parent mine.

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