a depressed african nation that made a big mistake when choosing a name for itself
little boy: mommy is that man a niger?
mommy: no thats a n-gg-r. a niger is a depressed african nation full of people that look just like that man
little boy: o
a commonly-made typo.
cr-p! i was looking up n-gg-r and i made a godd-mn typo and ended up on the niger definition.
the name of a country in africa.
a person from niger is known as a n-gg-r
1. an economically depressed country in africa
2. a river in africa
3. a spelling mistake made by kkkers who don’t know that after a vowel, one “g” indicates a soft “g” sound. to indicate a hard “g”, one must use two.
1. i went to niger on vacation… there were lots of flies and dead people. it wasn’t very fun.
2. the niger river flows through niger and nigeria, among other places.
3. ku klux klansman 1: lol! look at that niger! let’s go lynch him!
ku klux klansman 2: ur soooooo dum… it has 2 g’s in it! im not lynching ne1 with u lol!
the latin word for the colour black
roman: niger!

person: yes my wallpaper is black! how did you know?
the country from which some of the first african slaves were taken, coining the term ‘n-gg-r’.
niger is in africa, as is the democratic republic of congo.
the 10th in a standard charecter set, representing that the following text should be drawn on the next line. represented by c/c++ \n
“my program outputs all the data on one line?”, “add some nigers to your code.”, “oh, thanks”

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