when someone makes a racist joke and you get triggered
guy: why do black people run fast? because all the slow ones are in jail!
guy2: -n-gg-red-
to steal, to pilfer, to blatantly thief something from someone/something. usually used in the past tense.
has is a f-cking b-tch, he n-gg-red my last donut.

yeah, jack n-gg-red that snickers from right under the shopkeep’s nose.

can you pick me up? some -sshole n-gg-red my car last night.
to be cheated or treated unjustly. also see n-gg-ring
i just got n-gg-red out of my lunch money.
that guy just n-gg-red me into buying these stolen movies.
past tense of the word ‘n-gg-r (to steal)’
to have been stolen from. the stealing doesn’t necessarily have to been done by a black person, white people have been known to ‘n-gg-r’ “a lot” more.
“my car, just got ‘n-gg-red'”
being in such a state of extreme drunkenness or so drug affected that you are no longer in control of your actions. a common and valid excuse for acting like a complete c-nt.
man, drew was so n-gg-red last night, he threw up all over himself.
v. to take a normally low to fine grade product and dress it up with the flashiest low-cost adornments possible. typically used to describe cars that are a piece of cr-p, but have double their value in lights. a semi (tractor-trailer rig) with marker lights every six inches is said to be “n-gg-red.”
person 1: yo, loan me $75 so i can put this row of lights on the rocker panel of my car.

person 2: f-ck off. you want to drive a n-gg-red car, do it on your own dime.
used when consuming excessive amounts of mind altering drugs, alcohol, or marijuana. it is used when “f-cked up” and “wasted” are no longer fitting adjectives/adverbs.
d-mn dog, i smoked so much weed i can’t move. i must be n-gg-red man.

that f-cking lush, he has puked twice and is still drinking. he’s so n-gg-red he is now p-ssing his pants.
when a piece or part of something does not work…it is n-gg-red
this part is all hacked up, it is n-gg-red

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