almost a slur

someone that is stingey
i can’t believe sam won’t give me the company credit card, that dude is so n-gg-redly.

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  • lit midgets

    a group of midgets born from the depths of h-ll. they have a short temper and a nasty att-tude. “did you call a hitman?” “no. i called the lit midgets!” “oh sh-t!!!”

  • bob n weave

    1. a touchdown dance noteably used by the 1998-2000 st. louis rams nfl team that was greatly received as unsportsmanlike conduct. 2. a barber shop beauty parlor combination owned and created by the same name which also features styles/cuts by the same name. you dropped the bomb on me with that bob n’ weave!

  • tbrh

    to be really honest tbrh, i am really bad at coming up with example sentences

  • jiku shippu senko rennodan zeroshiki

    minato namikaze’s (a.k.a the 4th hokage) ultimate justu. translates as “flying raijin: celestial air slice type-zero.” minato: jiku shippu senko rennodan zeroshiki guy: urrrghhh! @#*&%!!!!! minato: nothing really.

  • drug ramadan

    drug ramadan is one month in which an individual abstains from all drugs including cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, and any other chemicals which may hold recreational value. also includes abstaining from prost-tutes, gambling, and other addictive hedonistic activities. i’d smoke that joint with you but it’s drug ramadan, sorry.

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