a black dinosaur. it lived in modern day compton, and consumed mainly fried chickensaurus, and colt 45.
dino got mugged by a n-gg-rsaurus. go figure.
a dinosaur that is still in exsistense, a large, very scary black man or n-gg-r, loves to rob stores and rape white women, very good at basketball, very bad at swimming, loves fried chicken
o.j. simpson is a n-gg-rsaurus
a n-gg-rsaurus was an ancient dino n-gg-r
king n-gg-r the 3rd is related to a n-gg-rsaurus
a huge d-ck/slong/manmeat/c-ck/womper.
“man he had n-gg-rsaurus in his pants, i wish i had one.”
a really big n-gg-r
look at that n-gg-rsaurus he trumps all those niglets over there

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