niggsy (n); a term used for belittling a nigglet (or a full grown negrow) into a dog-like submissive state. (expecially “famixthesp-cemarine”)
c’mere niggsy! din din’s ready! not until you finish picking!

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  • punklehead

    a cross between a punk and a knucklehead you want a piece of me punklehead!

  • pinel

    a pine needle, short word for pine needle “stay straight like a pinel” or “oh that pinel hurt”

  • nintendod it

    to completely f-ck up by not bringing enough of a thing. what happened with the nes mini and snes mini. mary: oh janet did you bring sandwiches? janet: i nintendo’d it

  • pick up order

    when you get picked up by the popo. i got locked because of a pick up order

  • taosed

    when you get toasted in taos, nm similar to “aprés-ski” only at ski valley in taos. after a blue bird day at ski valley, you get taosed! “i was taosed last night! what happened?” i haven’t been to ski valley since last year. let’s get taosed and do some laps.

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