1. a n-gg-r t-rd.
2. a t-rd left by a n-gg-r.
n-gg-rs are lower than animals in that they will leave niggurds everywhere, urinate, eat and talk on the phone in the same public place, most commonly a subway train, not to mention to leave trash. cleanup costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year. they should charge the n-gg-rs double far and give them special train cars where there are no seats and just put hay on the floor.

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  • Niggity Diggity

    used in the place of something like “h-ll yeah n-gg-!” bascially to show complete agreement in the amazing situation that just took place. number one: “dude did you see that sh%t?!?!? number two: “niggity diggity!”

  • Opians Law

    every irc channel inevitably descends into child p-rn. oper: opians law will not be tolerated!

  • Oprah Poop

    a soft, wet, s-shaped p–p. oprah expressed her pleasure with these “healthy” p–ps on her show after a doctor talked about being properly hydrated and having a healthy colon. i must be drinking enough water lately because today i had an awesome oprah p–p.

  • Orchestrap

    an ensemble of 10 or more rappers esp. ones combining a litany of beats marked by rhythmical rhymed verses intertwined with heavy br-ss, percussion, and pop samples. dude, just saw the dopest orchestrap performance. it made me want to blade!

  • Organ-asmic

    a combination of organic and -rg-smic. often referring to a relationship between two people or a meeting – one which is very comfortable and easy, yet still exciting and incredible. chris: how would you describe the first time we met? kristen: well, there are no words… chris: wrong. the correct answer is “organ-asmic”. that’s a […]

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