never leave the house without my nightgown

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  • lunch-over

    the leftovers from dinner that you take to work for lunch. my lunchovers today consist of chicken parm and a greek salad. going out for a big lunch and then having to return to work. “i don’t want to do anything this afternoon, i have a lunch-over.” #lunch #food #bloated #eating #work #hang over #funny […]

  • dyslexicography

    the act of writing wrong dictionaries, with results usually displayed on english-language street signs in non english-speaking countries or poorly-translated product labels dyslexicography examples include: ”working veihcle entery and exit ‘(israel); ‘please pay your parking fee before existing’ (israel); ”deformed man toilet’ (china); ‘erection in progress ‘(china) ; ‘chocolate spread is perfect for feeling sandwiches’

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    somebody who uses needlessly complicated words to sound smart thesaurus warrior: “i presently found myself lingering in the visage of the blooming flame captured in my retina” a normal dude: “i saw the light”

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