a n-gg-r from outersp-ce
the nigroid’s moon boots came off and he floated into a blackhole.
a black person that is also a pain in your -ss. bringing together the words n-gg-r and hemroid.
guy 1: we have so much to do and jamal won’t help.
guy 2: yea, what a nigroid.
a black robot who can run twice the speed of a normal black male
that nigroid sure can run like a real nig
a f-ggy black guy who’s h-m-s-xuality is contagious like an irratating disease such as hemroids.
omg. there are so many nigroids in my school.

oh my god. there are so many g-y contagious n-gg-rs in my school.
see wordnig/word
a large or small black shiny object found just below the p-n-s. normally in ball shape. also called t-st-cl-.
as the black guy penetrated my v-g-n- his nigroids were slapping my b-tt.
nigroid – someone who is lazy like a n-gg-r (any color applies) and a pain in the -ss like a hemroid.
man, stop being a nigroid and get to work.

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